Dani & Wilfred – Holualoa Inn Wedding

Jon Bodhi

February 6, 2024


I feel like videos can capture memories and feelings better than just photos can!


We felt like your videos were very cinematic but also captured the essence of each couple.


Dani: I am a dermatology resident, spend my days in clinic seeing patients (and avoiding the sun), also like to find moments outside of the stress of residency to do yoga, walks, workout classes. Try to spend time when we can eating good food and having good drinks with friends. I think the little things that make you happy are important, as simple as going to a good coffee shop with Wilfred on a (rare) lazy weekend morning!

Wilfred: I am a radiology resident, I spend my days in a dark room, also avoiding the sun. But actually, I spend my days in the reading room with my mentors, my co-residents, and my patients, talking about everything and anything with them. I diagnose diseases by looking at pictures and image-guided biopsies. I like to spend my time cooking for Dani and friends, because I love food, and food is my love language! I obsess over my hobbies, such as espresso, pour overs, tea, gardening, wine, bourbon, ocean activities. Sharing moments with my loved ones whether thats exploring Barcelona with Dani to bonfires on a cold night with friends to just hanging out, playing cards, laughing and making jokes.


Wilfred: I took Dani and her mom on a trip to Santa Barbara. On the day of the proposal, we got coffee at our favorite coffee spot in Santa Barbara, then we drank beer and ate sausages at a German beer hall in a dutch town called Solveng, walked and explored the town, went to an ostrich farm to feed and pet some really large birds, then we went to our airbnb that was within walking distance to the beach. I took Dani for a stroll on the beach during sunset. Dani said “Wow, this view is like a movie” then I said “Do you know what else is like a movie?” (I know its corny but I panicked). Dani was sitting on a log, so I kneeled in the sand in front of her at eye level with the ring in hand and asked her if she would marry me. She eventually said yes after she finally found her words.

Dani: Wilfred made it seem that he was not going to ask me on this particular weekend because I was a little suspicious since my mom was visiting that weekend. He told me “Dani I haven’t even started looking for a ring” a few weeks prior so I definitely knew nothing was going to happen. We drove up to Santa Barbara (we were living in Southern California that year). Wilfred was acting completely normal all day until we got to the beach at sunset, which was sort of our thing when we lived on Oahu during medical school. We sat on a log and watched some couples walk past. For some reason I could tell that Wilfred was starting to get nervous, which made me super nervous because I was starting to catch on, so I started blabbing about random things I was seeing on the beach. At one point I said “that looks like a movie scene” and Wilfred stood up, reached inside of his jacket, and said “you know what else is like a movie!?” and brought out the ring we had tried on years prior that I had completely forgot about that I remembered loving. I can’t recall exactly but I may have screamed some things such as “what?!?!?!?” or “you lied about the ring!!!” while Wilfred was waiting patiently with the ring in hand for me to say yes haha. We went out to a nice Spanish dinner after, still shaking, to celebrate with my mom, then his family came to join us at the Airbnb for a perfect weekend.


We actually found Holualoa Inn when I was looking just for a stay-cation when we were on Oahu, years before even getting engaged. When the time came to look for a venue, we searched every venue on all of the islands that could hold 150 people, and we didn’t want the typical ballroom hotel venue. We kept coming back to Holualoa Inn where you can see the ocean, the mountains, and be outdoors the entire time to fully appreciate Hawaii. We’re also very excited to be staying at the Inn for a few days which was a huge bonus!

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