Hale Wailele Wedding Video

Jon Bodhi

September 6, 2022

Hale Wailele Wedding Video on Big Island Hawaii

Zoe + Jason Wedding

Why do you want your wedding captured on video?

To have our special day in the form of a video-story that we can look back on and cherish. Perhaps someday we can even show our kids. To re-live the experience, but also to see if from vantage points that we won’t get during the day. To deepen our experience of the whole thing by watching it from the unique lens of you – the videographer – and the many layers happening at once – friends, family, music, dancing, scenery, decor, energy… all of it! We are going to be doing a special acrobatic “first dance” that is very special to us as we met doing acro-yoga. We have been working with an acrobatic coach to create this dance and we absolutely want it captured on video. We want to re-live all of this in high-def.

Why did you pick me?

Your videos told the story of each couple in a heartfelt, compelling and artistic way that I enjoyed. I felt that your view on what to film and how you pieced it together was masterful.

What do you do? How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

I am a life coach – I spend almost all of my time learning about human consciousness and development so that I can support my clients in realizing more of their potential in whichever area matters to them. I spend a lot of time working on expanding into more of my own potential in a variety of ways. I love to spend time communing with nature, slowing down, and infusing more spaciousness into my life. I LOVE and live to dance and move my body – I teach yoga a few times a week. I have the most fun when I am traveling with Jason and exploring new countries and places. Jason spends his time running his business, building more businesses, doing Bikram yoga, drinking Japanese tea, and cooking for me 🙂 What is important to both of us in life is connection, play, exploration, fun, happiness, growth, love, working towards our goals, honoring the Earth, cooking delicious food, and savoring this blessing called life!

Zoe and Jasons Wedding.

It happened in Lake Tahoe overlooking emerald bay during winter. Jason forgot to get down on one knee, Zoë was freezing and in a bad mood (she had just been really sick for a week), and when he popped the question (while standing) Zoë was was confused – she said YES – because duh, but she did not expect to get proposed to while freezing cold, at a particular “low” moment in her life – we now laugh about this entire experience but it was not a shining moment in our history….

This venue? Why this place above anywhere else?

Hale Wailele has the best view!!! The fragrant, exhilarating, velvety Hawaiian air. The beauty of the Pacific. We took a trip to hawaii in 2019 that was very special to us, and getting married in Hawaii feels like a special treat, a special place of celebration and joy for us. Also, Zoë loves to plan trips that gets her friends and family traveling and exploring together – that is her love language – adventures together! Hale Wailele was the first venue we saw (online) and we just KNEW. We did not look anywhere else, it held a magic and charm that instantly enchanted our spirits.

Dani & Wilfred – Holualoa Inn Wedding

WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR WEDDING CAPTURED ON VIDEO? I feel like videos can capture memories and feelings better than just photos can! WHY DID YOU PICK ME? We felt like your videos were very cinematic but also captured the essence of each couple. WHAT DO YOU DO? HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR DAYS?..WHAT’S IMPORTANT IN LIFE? Dani: I am a dermatology resident, spend my days in clinic seeing patients (and avoiding the sun), also like to find moments outside
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Rumela & Soumendu – Highlight Film

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Christine & Michael – Highlight Film

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