Big Island Adventure Elopement Video

Jon Bodhi

April 11, 2019

One of the most challenging things about filming an adventure elopement is timing…

..We all know golden hour is crucial to get those cinematic shots. The only problem about shooting an intimate beach wedding at sunset is the crowds. So in order to beat the crowds we do the unthinkable… sunrise! I mean who wants to wake up at 4:00 to put on make up? It totally worth it. When Kayleigh and Cam reached out to me to film their wedding I was beyond excited. I have never done an adventure elopement before and I wanted to create something magical… and I secretly love waking up early I just never do.

4:00 Am: Prep starts. This might seem like an odd time to do hair and make up but you’d be surprised how calm and exiting the energy is around this time. And believe it or not a lot of hair and makeup artist will come out at this time and make you look like a goddess.

6:00 Am: We met up at a cliff side called End of The World. It is a very popular spot for cliff jumping and has some amazing backdrops of ocean, lava rock, and rugged Hawaiian scenery. I could have shot here all day… The ocean was a calm blue, and clouds were cotton candy pink fading into a cream white.

8:00 Am: After the couples session we hopped in our car and headed 30 minutes north to a secluded (secret) black sand beach. Hiking over the lava rocks with their friends and family felt like an adventure. We held an intimate ceremony right on the beach with the black sand and gentle waves. After that everyone popped champagne, cried a little, then hiked back to the car for a well earned brunch.

The one thing I learned from filming a adventure elopements… Bring a snack, bring some good shoes, and get ready for some amazing shots! A toast to these two adventure seekers.

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