Oahu Weddings: The Perfect Hawaii Destination

I know how important it is to have an amazing wedding video that captures the soul of your day, and that’s why I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Jon Bodhi and I have been an Oahu wedding videographer for the past 5 years. I’ve been lucky enough have worked with some amazing couples in some of the most beautiful locations on Oahu. From the blue waters at Lanikai to the lush greenery in Hanauma Bay, from the mountains of Kualoa Ranch, to the beaches of Waikiki. Oahu has some of the most breathtaking backdrops for your wedding video.

You can have an Oahu beach wedding ceremony on the coast, or at an outdoor venue where the sunsets are stunning and the breeze is cool. You can have a reception at a restaurant overlooking the water or at a gorgeous ballroom with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the ocean.

And if you're looking for someplace exotic and different? You can rent out an entire resort for just your wedding party! Imagine dancing under palm trees as the sun sets over Waikiki Beach, and then spending the night in one of their gorgeous bungalows as waves crash against their seawall outside. It's perfect for anyone who wants to mix their wedding with a little bit of Hawaiian culture and a lot of romance.

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Your OAHU Wedding Videographer and Photographer

Oahu weddings are magical experiences. They're the culmination of years of dreaming about what your celebration will be like, months of planning and executing everything just right, and a single day you'll never forget. It's a moment in time when you can leave behind all the stress and worry that comes with everyday life, and focus on celebrating with the people who mean most to you.

Oahu is Hawaii's third largest island, and it has everything you could want in a tropical wedding paradise: white sand beaches, lush green forests, and blue waters. There are plenty of places to get married on Oahu, but you'll want to think carefully about where you want to say "I do." Here are a few great Oahu wedding locations:

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Waialae Beach Park

This is one of the most stunning Oahu wedding locations, featuring a white sand beach and lush greenery. It's an excellent location for an outdoor ceremony, but if you're looking for indoor options, there are plenty of places nearby where you can hold your reception.

Sandy Beach

This is another great option for an outdoor ceremony. It's a beautiful stretch of beach with soft sand and plenty of space in front of the water to get married. There are also some great places nearby where you can hold your reception and celebrate your special day.

Heaven's Point

If you want an oceanside wedding but don't want it to feel crowded or touristy, Heaven's Point is a great option. There are plenty of opportunities for photos while still feeling like the area belongs just to you and your loved ones!

Kualoa Regional Park

The park has a beautiful coastline with plenty of space for large groups! It's also close to many other popular locations in the area so you can easily book venues that are near Kualoa and make it one big party!


Secret Beach

This beach is a little more secluded, making it perfect for those who want to have their wedding without feeling like they're sharing the location with other people. It also has amazing views of the ocean and mountains – ideal for your Oahu wedding videography portrayal!

Nalo Gardens

 This Oahu wedding venue is perfect for those who want something a little different. As your Oahu wedding videographer, here I would be able to create an unforgettable video that captures the lush greenery of the gardens in all its splendor.

Lanikai Estate

This estate is a more private location that's perfect for couples who want to have an intimate celebration. It has amazing views of the ocean, making it an ideal choice for those who want to be surrounded by nature during their special day.

Moana gardens

This Oahu wedding venue has a beautiful garden ideal for couples who want an outdoor event. It also has lots of seating

Jon Bodhi Weddings

Looking for an Oahu Wedding Videographer?

As you can see, Oahu is a beautiful place to get married. It's also a gorgeous place to have your wedding video filmed. If you're looking for an experienced, passionate Oahu wedding videographer who will capture every moment of your special day, and make sure to get the perfect shots of you and your partner; then look no further! I've worked with hundreds of couples in Oahu, and I can say with confidence that I have the best eye for capturing those moments that will be cherished forever.

I will be there to capture everything you’re looking for – the love, the laughter, and all of those special moments you’ll want to remember for years to come. I will make sure that your video perfectly captures the romance and beauty of Oahu so that you can relive every moment over and over again.