Papa Kona Wedding Video

Jon Bodhi

September 6, 2022

Why do you want your wedding captured on video?

Because time flies, and moments are gone before we know it. I would love to have our special day on video to be able to watch it back with each other, our future kids, on our anniversaries, etc. to relive and feel all of the emotions all over again and to remember the love we share on the biggest and most important day of our lives. I am an EMPATH, through and through. I love all things mushy-gushy and feeling every single feeling and emotion. I really want our love for both each other and our closest family and friends to be captured to the fullest extent…. the sappier the better, basically I want to cry every time I watch it, haha 🙂 happy tears of course!

Why did you pick me?

I love your vibe!! Right off the bat you seemed cool, calm, and collected. I really enjoyed your energy and you were great at communicating and let me know you are there if I had any questions. Your videos really bring out the raw emotions and you have a unique art to your work. There is soul behind it, that is the best way to describe it. We are looking forward to seeing the spin you put on ours!

What do you do? How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

I am a full-time student taking classes for Dental Hygiene and Bobby is a Firefighter/EMT. When we are not studying/working, we are usually spending time outdoors with our 2 dogs. We have a chocolate lab named Gunner and a Golden Retriever named Cooper. We love to go on walks, ride our bikes, go for mini day-trips, take drives, etc. Pismo Beach and Tahoe are our two favorite weekend getaway spots. Because Bobby can also be gone for several days at a time, we always make a point to have a date night the night before he leaves for work. Whether it be dinner out somewhere, a movie night, a walk to the lake, something of that nature. It’s important to nurture relationships so they can continue to grow and thrive. Family is really important to us as well so we also like to spend as much time with them as we can. Bobby’s family lives about 5 minutes from our house so we get together often, and my family lives about an hour away so we try to make the drive and vice versa as much as we can. I can’t wait for you to meet everyone!

Lauren and Bobby’s Papa Kona Wedding

Bobby and I went up to South Lake Tahoe for the weekend (one of our favorite getaway spots). I had made us reservations a month and a half in advance at Gordon Ramsay’s Hells Kitchen because we have talked about wanting to try it forever, and basically planned a weekend trip around the date they had available because they book up so far in advance. We checked into our hotel on a Friday, got ready, and made our way to Brook’s Bar at Edgewood Tahoe for a couple drinks prior to dinner. We enjoyed the drinks, took in the drinks and view, and then went down to the water to take a picture before we left. I didn’t think anything of it because we take pictures/selfies pretty much any time we go somewhere. There was a girl on the beach reading a book and offered to take a picture for us, so we said yes. She started taking the picture and a few snaps later, Bobby reached down and pulled the ring box out of his sock and got down on one knee to propose. What I didn’t know was that the girl on the beach was a friend of a friend, who just moved back to California and I had never met before. She was in on the whole thing, and was planted there. Bobby’s sister Tori also came running up to us out of nowhere with her camera and another one of her friends, they had been camping out hiding and waiting and got the whole thing on camera. They brought us a bottle of champagne on the beach with an “I asked” and an “I said yes” flute and captured the best moment of our lives for us. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. We face-timed both of our families who were also in on the secret, patiently awaiting the “we’re engaged” phone call! We got to celebrate with his sister, (my sis-in law) for a bit before heading to our dinner reservation just the two of us. After dinner, we went to a brewery to have a beer and enjoy time with his sister and her 2 friends before they headed home. After that we went back to the hotel and changed and headed out to the casinos for drinks and some gambling to see if we could test our luck! No luck, but it was still the most amazing weekend of my life.

This venue? Why this place above anywhere else?

Papa Kona is so beautiful! Not only did it fit within our budget but you also can’t beat the 360 degree view and the fact that we can get an intimate setting for our 28 guests was perfect for us. I’m excited to have our ceremony and reception both in one place. The staff has been over-the-top amazing throughout this entire experience from start to almost finish and have been great at communicating and responding to my every need and wish. They have made the planning part so easy. They always have the most beautiful set-ups and we are so anxious to see ours come to life. The drone footage over the ocean and ceremony set-up is going to be EPIC.

Kualoa Ranch, Jumanji Wedding Video | Zari + Brandon

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video? to remember the best day of our lives! Why did you pick me? Went through ALOT of videographers you seemed to stand out from the rest immediately. for one, your passion for your art SHOWS. You can tell this is what you LOVE to do. we liked that Your music choices reflected the mood of the wedding and we liked that you captured the funny, the emotional and happy parts
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Zari & Brandon – Highlight Film

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The Falls at Reed’s Island – Wedding Video

ROBYN + DANNY Why do you want to capture your wedding on video? To show family and friends as it will just be us there. And to look back on over time and remember better than we would on our own. Why did you pick me? We researched for a really long time and your videos stood out to us. We love your vibe and style of videos! What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?
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